About Us

Based in the mystical realms of Thailand, ThaiSorcery.com supplies the world with amulets and talismans created by genuine Sorcerers of Thai magic! We pride ourselves with obtaining only the most effective pieces direct from the genuine Wizards of Thailand be they known or operating in secret.

Why buy from others based outside of Thailand who have no true knowledge of the arts and the masters themselves? At ThaiSorcery.com we supply you with genuine information direct from the masters, no crazy cooked up stories or false promises! What they tell us, we tell you.

Free Shipping Worldwide with tracking via Thapost is included in all our products prices however if you would like to use a different shipping services please contact us to arrange so.

Please send us a message should you not find something you are after and be aware many of the Thai Sorcerers we deal with are able to accommodate custom designs and orders.  Come with us and step into the world of Thai Sorcery, we will look after you!