Bucha Hoeng Prai Koht Setthi – Ghost of the Millionaire


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Bucha Hoeng Prai Koht Setthi – Ghost of the Millionaire

by Ajarn Bpaan Taep

This Hoeng Prai statue will bestow Metta, Charm and Popularity leading to great prosperity, luck, good business dealings and assistance with risk taking actions such as gambling and decisions made with uncertainty. It also has a Ghost Whispering function in which it can alert you to dangers or lucky windfalls through intuition.

Ajarn Bpaan Taep created it using a blend of powerfully charged necromantic ingredients including: Pong Mai Kanun Sao Tong Gae Pook Kor Dtai or Powdered wood from the branch of a Jackfruit Tree where a young pregnant woman hung herself from, the powdered remains from 9 women who died whilst pregnant,hair from a pregnant corpse, corpse oil of mysterious nature, powdered remains of a Kumarn infant and powdered wood ashes used to cremate corpses on the auspicious days of Tuesday and Saturday.

Once created into the shape of the Hoeng Prai Ajarn Bpaan Taep then cast spells of great luck, destiny enhancement, charm, metta and the great millionaire spell. Ajarn Bpaan Taep asks that the owner provide an offering to the spirit upon receiving it and especially to provide a glass of red coloured beverage on the 15th of every month if possible and during full moon nights to be able to receive maximum benefits.  Alternatively you can also provide this every 7 days as well as auspicious dates according to the Buddhist calendar.