Bucha Naang Pim Bpaak Daeng – Ajarn Bpaan Taep


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Bucha Naang Pim Bpaak Daeng 

Spirit of the Ghost Prostitute with Red Lips

by Ajarn Bpaan Taep

Ajarn Bpaan Taep informs us that this bucha statue has powers of Great Luck, Charm, and Metta. Through this it will provide admiration and kindness from others as well as assist those in sales work and also protect the assets of it’s home.

Ajarn Bpaan Taep inherited the wicha of this creation from Cambodian monk LP Jaam whilst on a forest retreat who is reputed for his khmer charm magic. The spirit within the Naang Pim Bpaak Daeng is fond of the colour red and so she must be given offering of red colours such as red liquids (wine, syrups or soft drinks), red flowers and feminine accessories like red lipstick.

The Naang Pim Bpaak Daeng was creating using powdered charm herbs and flowers mixed with powdered Heart of an Escort and Mai Kanoon Dtaai Prai or Wood of the Dead Jack Fruit Tree Ghost. In ancient times and even today free lance prostitutes line up near certain fruiting trees that resemble their status. For older or ugly escorts they would line against Jack Fruit tree’s as that represented their less desirable outer shell but sweet and ripe inner fruit. In order to keep children away parents would often tell them that those working ladies were “ghosts” as they frequently lurked in the shadows of the trees and would often disappear with customer then reappear awaiting the next client. When depressed to the point of suicide many of these working women of the night would take their lives by hanging themselves from a Jack Fruit Tree to symbolize what it was that ultimately drove them to the point of no return.

Once combined and molded Ajarn Bpaan Taep then caste several incantations until each statue developed a soul and were then commanded to assist those who made offerings to them.

When making offerings to her you should ask for what it is you seek so long as it is not in excess of wrongful desires and will see fast results. For those in sales she should be placed in the shop or office where she will assist in bestowing charm towards your clientele and will help increase your profits. She will also protect your business or home from thieves and burglars. For those will love issues she can assist in reconciling you with your estranged partner or lost love, all you need to do is tell her who it is you wish to regain in your life as you make offerings.