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Bucha Pu Jao Saming – Prai Statue of the Tiger Face Sage

by Ajarn Phu Ee

Pu Jao Saming Prai has been known since ancient times to be the Lord of Ghosts and Prosperity hailing from the realm of Lersi ascetic spirits. Those who revere him are usually bestowed great charm and success in endeavors as well as protection from black magic and malevolent spirits. Ajarn Phu Ee says this bucha statue will assist those with desires in the field of Love, Luck, Metta, and Great Admiration from others. Through these traits success will come through the forms of work, finance, clearing debt and enchanting charm that can be used in many areas of life.

Ajarn Phu Ee created this statue using a plethora of auspicious ingredients such as Mai Taro (Wood of the Cinnamon Tree), Powdered Wood of a Takian Tree, Powdered Wood of a Tamarind tree, Soil from two anthills shaped in the form of the Buddha, Soil from 7 Cemetery’s, Ghost Powder mixed from 59 kinds of spirits, Pong Maha Poodti (Powder of Great Prosperity), Pong Lek Lai Ruesi Dtanam (Powdered Auspicious Hematite found near a Lersi Natural Spring), Pong Lek Nam Phi (Powdered Auspicious Steel), Soil from 7 Auspicious Cities, Wan Saneah 108 (Herbal Charm preparation made from many auspicious Flowers and Herbs), Nam Man Wan Dok Thong (Oil of the Great Charm Flower) and Powder from the Great Spell of Pu Jao Saming Prai.

Once created Ajarn Phu Ee took the statues to 7 different cemetery’s and recited incantations over them in each location until they came alive. Ajarn Phu Ee recommends lighting 16 joss sticks when first bringing the statue to your home and welcoming the spirit of Pu Jao Saming Prai. Offerings the statue should consist of red liquids such as wine, soft drink or syrup water, fresh fruit according to your local seasonal produce, fresh water, 2 cigarettes, and 9 joss sticks. When making such an offering be sure to show respect to any Buddha statues or images you may have and ask Pu Jao Saming to give assistance to issues in your life you need rectified.

Ajarn Phu Ee also recommends offering raw meat of any kind on special occasions or for special requests, by doing this he says results will be seen very fast.