Cheebpleuay Yot Sawaat – The Naked Ascetic of Charming Loveliness


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Cheebpleuay Yot Sawaat – The Naked Ascetic of Charming Loveliness

by Ajarn Phet Prai Tong

This amulet is of extreme sexual and tantric power made by the mysterious Ajarn Phet Prai Tong who is a practicing recluse in the forests of North East Thailand. He says by simply carrying it in your pocket or placing it under your pillow or bed immense sexual charm and prowess will be invoked by way of Cheebpleuay or the naked ascetic.

The Pali Canon (doctrines of Theravada Buddhism) often mentions the naked ascetics, who were extremist Jain and Brahman practitioners that obviously by the title practiced their beliefs semi-naked or completely naked as a form of detachment from worldly materials. During his quest to find truth and attain enlightenment, the Buddha was said to have also practiced this extremist form of asceticism along with many other forms until he realized that these extreme practices caused unnecessary suffering to the body & mind thus later once he had attained enlightenment he taught “the middle path”. Even in parts of India, Thailand and Burma you can still find ascetic practices of this extreme nature.

It should also be noted that the most iconic Naked Ascetic in Thai culture is that of Cheebpleuay (which simply means Naked Ascetic) from the epic “Sudsakorn”. During Sudsakorns adventure to find his father he meets Cheebpleuay who learns of Sudsakorns magical staff. Cheebpleuay uses his charm to devise a trick to teach him a protection spell for his journey by having him meditate on a mountain cliff then pushes him off and steals the magical staff. Armed with the magical staff and Sudsakorns mythical dragon horse, Cheebpleuay then rides off to Garawek city to show off his new found powers and convince the the locals that he is a powerful sorcerer. He impresses the King who then invites him to his court and offers him a sumptuous feast until Sudsakorn finds him and recovers the magical staff.

In the 2006 movie adaptation there is a scene of the feast given to Cheebpleuay which see’s him scoffing down food and wine with court maidens. The scene then cuts to a bathroom in the kings castle where Cheebpleuay is found indulging in frivolous play with many ladies whilst getting drunk.

Ajarn Phet has created this amulet for the sexually frivolous and “players” as well as those whose “game” need serious enhancing. The Cheebpleuay Yot Sawaat has been made using auspicious materials known for thier charm and tantric powers such as Wan Dok Tong (Golden Charm Flower), Powdered Ghost of 59 kinds,  Powdered Guman (Stillborn Child), Powdered Ivy Gourd and the tombstone relics of an old ghost.

This amulet can be used with Straight, Gay or Transgender targets and will make those whom you desire in your mind become infatuated with you. Ajarn Phet says if you desire sexual intercourse you must hold the amulet in your hand and ask it to grant such wishes or for example if you are male and your partner does not wish to engage in fellatio the Cheebpleuay Yot Sawaat will change this in your favor. All sexual desires will be fulfilled and when it comes to such acts you must place this amulet under the pillows or the bed where it will enhance sexual feelings leading to immense sexual experience of the highest kind. No offering need to be made just chanting the supplied kata will help invoke it’s powers!