Galohk Daam Prai 59 Ton – Ajarn Phu Ee


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Galohk Daam Prai 59 Ton -The Black Skull of 59 Ghosts

by Ajarn Phu Ee

This bucha statue is a high end piece from Ajarn Phu Ee that has been made using extremely powerful ingredients to invoke Great Luck, Metta, Admiration from others, Support of Business endeavors and enhancing it’s owners destiny so long as they do not abuse it’s powers for wrongful deeds. Fast results are expected from this bucha if one is maintains goodness in their hearts and actions.

The Galohk Daam Prai has been created using powerfully charged ingredients such as Powdered mixture of 59 Ghosts, a vial of Corpse Oil made with blood using an ancient Khmer formula, a Takrut scroll containing a spell of wealth, Pong Mai Faa Paa (Powdered wood of a Tree split by lightening), Powdered Wood from a Jack Fruit Tree where someone has hung themselves, the Great Powder of Prosperity, Powdered Kuman Child Ghost, Powdered Wan Dok Tong (Charm Plant), Remains from an Abandoned Temple, Soil from 7 Cemetery’s, Soil from 7  Auspiciously Shaped Anthills and Soil from 7 Auspicious landmarks such as Cities, Watersides, Markets, Fields, Farms, Gardens and Temples.

Once these auspicious materials were mixed and shaped into the skull mold, Ajarn Phu Ee further empowered them with spells inviting a ghost spirit to take refuge in each skull and asked them all to assist it’s owners with creating merit and give aid in achieving wealthiness.

Offerings to the Galohk Daam Prai should be made every Tuesday if possible and on Buddhist days. 2 Joss sticks should be lit and a glass of Rice Whisky offered along with snacks. Whilst making your offering you should keep your desires in your heart and ask the spirit within the skull to grant your desires. Ajarn Phu Ee also says the Galohk Daam Prai can also help one to regain their lost lover and assist with debt and bills. You can write down the name of your lost lover or other desires and place it under the skull then pray every night before going to bed