Hoon Payon Athan Maha Waet – Ajarn Phu Ee


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Hoon Payon Athan Maha Waet – The Mysteriously Great Magical Effigy

by Ajarn Phu Ee

Ajarn Phu Ee has created this Bodyguard effigy to serve good and honest people and says it will protect owners by subduing the likes of hooligans and delinquents from attempting to to cause calamity. This Hoon Payon will also help to fight alongside it’s owner should attempts of attack be made and will assist in removing misfortunes as well as brush off enemies. Ajarn Phu Ee also mentions as part of it’s protective properties it will also assist those in business by providing a safe harmonious environment in which to deal in.

The body of this Hoon Payon was created using the traditional ancient method of weaving rattan palm into the shape of a figure then wrapping it with the thread of discarded monks robes soaked in corpse oil whilst sacred incantation were caste. Once the figure was given life Ajarn Phu Ee then created a batch of auspicious balm and inlaid the figure inside it’s case.

The auspicious balm was made using besswax and many kinds of holy candle remains from places such as 7 temples, 7 public worship shrines from 7 cities, and candle wax from a cemetery.

Ajarn Phu Ee says this amulet has no prohibition or rules and can be carried in the pocket, held in the hand on worn on a necklace. It can also be left at home or in the workplace where it will protect such areas from calamity. On auspicious Buddhist days it should be given an offering of fresh water, flowers and if possible a Thai garland. Those who are meritorious, charitable and conduct their lives in an honest manner will see the Hoon Payon’s strength increase and mulitply over the course of time.