Locket Pu Lersi Saming Prai Dabot Sing Dam

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Locket Pu Lersi Saming Prai Dabot Sing Dam

The Ascetic Black Lion

(Spirit of the Tiger Ghost Hermit)

Encased in a Gold Micron locket, only 109 pieces were made by Pu Lersi Sing Dam. On the front is his image on shellac inscribed with various spell scripts whilst the back is loaded with a mixture of earth and powdered herbs from the sacred cave of Doi Lay Tongku and it’s surrounding forest, an empowered raw ruby stone, hair of Pu Lersi Sing Dam, and a piece of his robe. Incantation spells were caste daily for 3 months until ready for release to the public. This locket have been empowered to provide Metta, Wisdom and Aversion of Dangers.

Pu Lersi Sing Dam was born in Ban Sirirat and had traveled across many parts of Thailand for decades to study sorcery until he settled in the caves of Doi Lay Tongku, Khampeng Phet province which borders on the West of Thailand and Myannmar. There he is close to his Karen Masters and the famous Kruba Khampeng of Wat Khampeng Phet. He spends 9 months each year practicing his meditation in his cave and tending to his local village’s needs and during this time does not cut his hair, keeping in tradition with the Dabot lineage of Lersi. The remaining 3 months after this rigorous dedication is spent creating amulets and training his students. To mark the end of his 9 month practice he cuts his hair and uses it to empower¬† specific amulets made along with various powdered herbs found only in his region.