Locket Yee Gor Hong by Ajarn Khun Taep Woradet


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Locket Yee Gor Hong by Ajarn Khun Taep Woradet

Ajarn Khun Taep has created this stunning piece in honor of reputed gambling den spirit Yi Kor Hong also known as Er Ger Fong. Yi Kor Hong was an anthropologist entrusted by the Thai Royal Crown to collect taxes and manage the affairs of Bangkok’s gambling dens over 100 years ago and rose to prominence through his ability to control monopolies on behalf of the crown.

The back of this amulet has been caste from a large mass of Popularity and Luck powders and features Saam Look Dtao Siang Chokh (3 Dice of Lucky Risk), Salueng Chokh Prai (Lucky 25 Satang Coin taken from a corpses mouth), a piece of Lek Lai (auspicious hematite) and 4 Takrut spell scrolls for Great Charm, Good Luck, Popularity and Success in Risk. These items were impressed into the back to form the shape of a body before Ajarn Khun Taep invoked the spells of the 4 Takrut scrolls and brought to life the spirit within then encased the amulet in his Luck and Charm Corpse Oil formula with 24K gold leaf.

Ajarn Khun Taep says this amulet will assist people when taking risks in all aspects of life and forewarns users not to gamble over their head when taking risks for money. Use winnings wisely and do not be greedy. The amulet will give intuition of when to place bets what to place them on and when to stop so the owner must listen wisely. Also when in the situation of having to take a risk such as playing lotteries numbers or making decisions in life that require a risk, the amulet will give intuition. Those who conduct their lives upholding good moral and committing meritorious deeds shall see continued Good Luck whilst being Popular with others.

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