Luk Krok Gaew Prai Non Lohng


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Luk Krok Gaew Prai Non Lohng

The Spirit of the Beloved Stillborn Child Laying in the Coffin

by Ajarn Phu Ee Baramee Pra Kru Bpagam

This powerfully charged Luk Krok spirit was made using powdered Guman, earth from 7 cemetery’s and the Wan Guman Tong plant to form it’s body. The coffin box was made from the wood of a ghost’s coffin and the load inside where the Luk Krok lays contains a mixture of Prai Balm and Nam Man Prai corpse oil with powdered Guman sprinkled to set atop. Finally several spell scrolls containing elemental spells are laid next to the Luk Krok to give empowerment to this combination of immensely strong ingredients.

Ajarn Phu Ee says that those who revere the Luk Krok Gaew will see powerfully fast results in the fields of Great Charm, Metta, Luck, Trade and Gambling. It will also look after the house through protection and will help you avoid danger when you travel away from home or workplace. For the business owner keeping the Luk Krok Gaew in the office or shop will draw customers in, ensuring success in your venture. Ajarn Phu Ee has also invoked a Prai Grassip whispering ghost feature which assists alerting the owner of danger and also an impending lucky windfalls.

When taken home it must be looked after and cared for as a real child in order to start seeing results. Offerings of candy, toys and child beverages should be given especially when results are seen. When bonded you may ask it through your heart and mind to assist you in your desires so long as they are not sinful or of malicious intent.