Ma Sep Nang Naree Pan Lak Prai 59 Horse Takes Woman – Lady Wrapped around the “Pole” 59 Ghosts


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Ma Sep Nang Naree Pan Lak Prai 59

Horse Takes Woman – Lady Wrapped around the “Pole” 59 Ghosts

by Ajarn Surak

Ajarn Surak has given this Ma Sep Nang amulet the poetical term “Naree Pan Lak” which means means Lady Wrapped around the “Pole” and added Prai 59 to represent the Prai 59 Ton ingredient of 59 ghosts.








Ajarn Surak created this amulet by using extremely dark and powerful Khmer spells of super natural power to invoke Great Charm and Metta with an emphasis on adulterous outcome in the field of sexual activity. He says this amulet is well suited for those who like to wander in the evening and frequent social gatherings (parties and events) and that by carring it around one will see great enhancement in their ability to charm, fascinate and gain the admiration from others. People will percieve you as someone of a higher class or status to them thus assisting in wooing those whom usually would not have interest in you. Outstanding effect in Lust and Sexual Passion will also be noted by the user.

The Ma Sep Nang Naree Pan Lak has been made from a powerful mixture of necromantic materials such as the infamous Pong Prai 59 Ton (Powder of 59 Ghosts), the bed sheet from a brothel used by a prominent prostitute, ashes from 7 cemeterys and powdered bones of a Horse. Also included were many powdered auspicious plants and their flowers such as Dok Ngiw Kao (Flower of the Bombax Anceps Tree), Wan Dok Thong (Golden Flower Plant), Wan Saneah Jan (a species of Alocasia), Mai Takian (Takian Wood) and Mai Rak Mayom (Stargooseberry Wood).

To make this mixture even more stronger he added many of his famous Charm powder and Oil formulations which include Ma Gin Kwam Kit (Charming Dog consumes it’s thoughts), Glom Nang Non (Calm Sleeping Lady), Nam Man Ma Sep Nang (Oil of the Horse taking Woman), Lohky Yot Gaam Raka (The Pleasure of Sex) and Sariga Bpon Yuea (Sariga Bird Catches Prey). Once all these powerful sacred ingredients were compiled and pressed into the mold he placed a sheet of 24K gold leaf and a colored Sapphire stone into the piece before finalizing with additional dark Khmer Charm spells.

(The Dok Ngiew Kaao/White Bride Flower)

Ajarn Surak says there is no need to directly make offerings or worship the Ma Sep Nang Naree Pan Lak, merely place emphasis when chanting it’s kata and when results have been seen, donate towards charities and the likes that support welfare towards the Animal Kingdom.