Mae Nang Jan Immersed in Ghost Oil – Ajarn Phu Ee Baramee

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Mae Nang Jan Immersed in Ghost Oil

Ajarn Phu Ee Baramee

1st Batch for Great Charm and Admiration, Abundance of Luck and Protection from Dangers via Intuition.

This whispering ghost will give intuition in gambling and forewarning lucky windfalls whilst enhancing luck and can be kept at home, in the business or carried in your bag during travel wherever luck is needed. It will also invoke Metta from others. She can also assist with charming the opposite or same sex. Phu Eee says transgender and tomboys need not fear, there is no taboo within the ghosts reach. Once revered she will provide wishes with fast results but be warned not to use her for wishes of wrongness or for excessive amounts of greed.

If you continue to revere her your wishes will come with fast results. She was created using continuous incantations recited over during many important astrological days and nights in a cemetery started during the 1st lunar cycle in December and continuing for 5 months before Phu Eee started cooking up some Ghost Oil to bind and activate her. The ghost oil was created using the Agaan 32 Kata and the 4 elements Kata and once activated was ordered by Phu Eee to assist those in need of finance, success in business trade, Love and those with difficulty in personal life. In order to keep a successful relationship with Mae Nang Jan the owner should provide a feast for her upon first taking her home and when wishes have been granted. She should always be given a bottle of red liquid, fruit according to your regional seasonal produce and some sticky rice. Phu Eee says this ghost also enjoys Laab spicy salad since the woman he extracted the oil from was also fond of Laab.