Mask of the Tiger Seizing Wealth by Phor Tan Euam


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Naagaak Suea Kaab Saap by Phor Tan Euam

Samnak Bpatibatam, Taling Chan Forest, Patthalung

Phor Tan Euam is an 86 year old Monk who quickly rose to fame in recent years not just because of his reputation as a powerful master of Thai Buddhist Sorcery but his rather unique story of entering the monkhood at a very late age in life. Born and raised in the Patthalung province of Southern Thailand he traditionally ordained into the monkhood in his early teens for a 1 year term before returning to his village, getting married and settling down as a farmer. Since a teen he was fascinated with Thai Sorcery and spent his adulthood learning from various Master Guru teachers. Throughout many periods in his life he had dreams and visions of returning to the monkhood as well as prominent figures in his life also foretelling him of the call to return.

At the age of 63 Phor Tan Euam decided to give up his layman life and permanently devote himself to the monkhood by ordaining at Wat Ban Kuan where he stayed for almost 15 years before deciding to embark on a traditional ascetic voyage known as Tudong in the forests of Taling Chan. Reputed for his good character and ascetic practice the local villages of Taling Chan came together to build a Kuti (meditation hut) for him which then served as a Samnak for him to offer Buddhist Occult services and create talismans for the locals. By this time he was well known in the area for his reputed abilities and kindness with his reputation slowly spreading  across Southern Thailand all the way up to Bangkok, Ayutthaya and beyond.

Phor Tan Euam is highly sought by many temples and well known Monks to assist in Mass Consecration Rituals of amulets and has been featured several times in Thai Talisman publications such as Pra Krueng or “Holy Talisman”.

The title of this stunning piece literally translates to “Naagaak Suea or Tiger Mask” and “Kaab Saap or holding wealth in the mouth”. As the name implies the front of the amulet is a beautifully caste Tiger¬† Face with a Takrut spell scroll of wealth embedded inside the mouth. This amulet is a part of the Run Boon Kathin 59 Talisman series which translates to the 2016 Annual Meritorious Ceremony of giving new robes to monks, marking the end of Buddhist Lent.

The caste has been made with the famous 108 Auspicious Flowers and Herbs formula mixed with Din Gaak Ya Yaak an auspicious type of fossilized clay that can contain animal remains, seeds, grains and other fibrous materials. The rear features 3 Takrut Spell scrolls, a piece of Monks robe and a Bronze Phra Pidta statuette embedded into the caste. Underneath the Takrut spell scrolls is a microscopic Authenticity imprint.

This beautifully crafted and highly empowered amulet will provide Great Protection from Calamity and Projectiles whilst assisting it’s owner to attain Good Luck and seize Fortune so long as they adhere to Buddhist principals.