Nam Man Hong Prai Khmer Leut Khmer – Blood Corpse Oil of a Khmer Ghost


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Nam Man Hong Prai Khmer Leut Khmer – Blood Corpse Oil of a Khmer Ghost

by Ajarn  Noo Gon

Ajarn Noo Gon considers this as one of the most powerfully charged Corpse Oil batches he has ever made using the oil and blood from a Cambodian source then combining it with his powdered Sanaeh Yaa Faed (Twin Charm) formula and his well known Nam Man Prai 500 Mia (Corpse Oil of 500 Wives) to produce thiss incredibly strong concoction.

Ajarn Noo Gon is well known for his charm magic and has many followers, largely comprised of females with lifestyles such as traveling abroad for work, married to foreign husbands or are the type to work in the seedy districts of Pattaya and Phuket. The male followers he has usually come to him seeking magical items to assist in their quest for Lust, Love or to win back a former lover. Thus he has created this Charming Corpse Oil to assist all those whom need fast charming results in the fields of Love and Work life where great charm and admiration from others is needed.

Ajarn Noo Gon says this oil can be anointed on oneself, others, utensils, appliances or clothes to invoke the highest possible level of great charm towards those you come into contact with and receive compassion & great admiration from others. This oil has no barriers and thus can be use on straight, gay and transgender sexes with no negative effect. It can be used in situations such as public speaking or entertaining an audience whereby attention and admiration is desirable or used in areas of love interest to bedazzle and leave targets infatuated with you.