Nam Man Kao Prai Gulaen Nam Man Prai Gabaan Sapian

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Nam Man Kao Prai Gulaen Nam Man Prai Gabaan Sapian

Corpse Oil of the Forest Floor Ghost & Corpse Oil of the Forehead

by Ajarn Sun Prai

Ajarn Sun Prai has given such a title to this multi purpose Corpse Oil creation as he has combined 2 of his most powerful formulation bases into a single vial. This mixtures base consists of powerfully auspicious materials in the form of powdered skull bone from the crown and forehead region and Wan Dok Tong (Golden Charm Flower) and oil from 5 corpses of Tai Ya (a Northern Thai Ethnicity) origin.

He then mixed this with his well renown Nam Man Prai 59  Dton formula which consists of oil and bone powder sourced from 59 different people some of which include corpses found near the Cambodian border river banks and women whom died whilst pregnant. It is heavily believed in Thai and SE Asian cultures that the spirit those who die from a violent death such as suicide, vehicle accidents and murders, shall remain lingering on the earth lost and confused with anger. Ajarn Sun Prai being a highly touted expert in Ancient Khmer dark magic has been credited as the originator of the “59 formula” and this number is also a play on the Thai Astrological calendar (59 days is equal to 2 Lunations) and belief system. This formula is of a very tightly kept secret and Ajarn Sun Prai will not explain more about it in order to guard it’s secret from misuse.

Trusted friend Ajarn Chaao kindly donated his own formula of Charm Flower Oil and cloth used to clean and wrap corpses to Ajarn Sun Prai who combined the oil with his own and then inscribe the corpse cloth with a spell before wrapping the top of each vial made. Ajarn Sun Prai says every vial contains a spirit and an offering of Rice Wine/Thai Whisky or strong alcoholic spirit should be given twice a month.

Ajarn Sun Prai says this formulation is multi purpose and can be used to fulfill one’s desires of any kind with fast results. You can apply it to objects for sale, targets you intend to charm or even just keep the vial in your pocket. Once you chant the provided kata you should tap the bottle and tell it your desire.