Nam Man Nang Pim by LP Up Wat Tong Sai


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Nam Man Nang Pim Pitsawaat Run Maha Chokh Maha Setti

by LP Up Kaemjaroh

Wat Tong Sai, Nakhon Pathom

LP Up was one of Thailand’s highly respected and well known Master Guru Monks whom had a reputation for his powerfully effective spells and talismans of Luck and Fortune aptly named Maha Chokh Maha Setti or Great Luck & Great Millionaire.

At 20 years of age he ordained into monkhood and began a very long journey into Buddhist and Thai Occult knowledge beginning with Guru Master Ajarn Akom Klang at Wat Tung Noi. After spending time at Wat Tong Sai he went on a great pilgrimage to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar where he learned many occult subjects from Guru Masters of each region before residing at Wat Wang Chado for 2 years. After this he relocated back at Wat Tong Sai for some time before deciding to embark on another mystical journey where he learned additional Occult subjects from LP Noi of Wat Tamma Saalaa and LP Dtae of Wat Saam Ngaam.

LP Up then went out on a quest to learn Auspicious Herbal Lore and Medicine in various regions from other practitioners eventually mastering a special Holy Water which he often used to heal ailments of devotees. It is said that people from near and far would travel to see LP Up seeking aid from his Holy Healing Water as well as his talisman creations such as Snake Skin Takrut scrolls and various amulets in the field of Khun Paen, Hanuman, Taowaessuwan and Tiger. His most famous talismans however was his Nang Pim creations that were reputed with great testimony to induce Immense Charm and Protection from Harm.

There are many misleading stories of misconception regarding Nang Pim and so we will now discuss her origin to compliment the Nam Man Nang Pim of LP Up. One of the most famous Ancient Legends in Thai Poetry & Literature is that of the Epic Khun Paen Khun Chang. The story is centered around a vicious love triangle in which the handsome yet poor warrior/sorcerer Khun Paen is consistently embroiled in competition with the ugly yet wealthy Khun Chang. In the middle is Pim Philalai, a young beauty who is “rag tagged” between the two men through the deceptions and force of Khun Chang and the Charming Bravery of Khun Paen. Early in the story Pim Philalai seeks advice from a monk in regards to the calamity she is involved in and he suggests she change her name to Wan Thong (for auspicious reasons it is common for those in Thailand to change their name by suggestion of a Monk in order to clear extremely consistent bad luck). This name change is a factual part of the story unknown and mentioned by many non-Thai amulet dealers and so when talking about the “main women” in the story they will always refer to her as Wan Thong.

Decades later in the story the King of Thailand is fed up over the feud between Khun Paen and Khun Chang which has caused alot of destruction and mayhem across the nation. He asks Wan Thong (Pim Phalalai) to choose her mate but she becomes dumbfounded, unable to choose. The King believed she was setting a bad example to the young generation and labeled her Wan Thong Song Jai or Wan Thong has 2 hearts. He then orders her execution to end the destructive rivalry of Khun Paen and Khun Chang.

LP Up is one of the very rare few who had mastered the Wicha of Nang Pim and is famously known for his Nang Pim Talisman creations. This Oil was released in 2009 and was made using a mixture of charm oils LP Up had kept for many years. Inside the bottle is a hand carved Nang Pim statuette made from the Auspicious Takian Tree. It can be used to anoint oneself to induce immense charming powers, worshiped on an alter or carried in the pocket to also provide protection. It is advised that when worshiping an offering of Rice Liquor be given.

Sadly LP Up passed away on the 25th of August 2012 which has seen a great demand for his items especially Nang Pim talismans. Only 999 Bottles of the Nam Man Nang Pim Run Maha Chokh Maha Setthi were released in 2009 and has only managed to obtain 2 brand new bottles of this rare classic. They each come with LP Up’s original temple stamped card and kata sheets.