Nam Man Nok Sariga Charming Oil by Lp Kee


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Nam Man Nok Sariga Charming Oil of the Sariga Bird

by LP Kee Gidtiyaanoh, Wat Sri Lamyong , Surin

LP Kee Gidtiyaanoh was a famous Master Guru Monk whose Talisman creations have been sought after for many generations in Thailand and abroad. Born in 1928 he was raised in the Southern Isaan province of Surin which borders Cambodia and ordained into monkhood in 1949. LP Kee spent many years traveling across the jungle mountain regions of Surin and Cambodia learning various Ancient Khmer Occult sciences and often paired up with other well known Guru Monks to perform sorcererous collaborations such as LP Chert of Wat Petchaburi.

LP Kee was highly reputed for his rituals and spells to enhance  Great Popularity, Admiration from Others, Great Luck and Success in Endeavors. He also released Talismans over the course of 3 decades which saw his popularity and reputation spread across Thailand and beyond which in turn earned him devotees of many generations and acknowledgements in many Amulet Publications.

One of the greatest occult subjects LP Kee mastered was the Wicha Nok Sariga Bpaak Dee or Good Lips of the Sariga Bird. The Sariga Bird is an ancient heavenly bird considered to have the ability to Charm and bedazzle all through its beautiful songs thus it is believed the power of Sariga Magic can invoke Maha Saneah and Metta Maha Niyom (Great Charm and Great Popularity by way of Admiration) through Enchanted Speech. This in turn can be used in the fields of seeking love or charming the opposite sex, assistance in business sales and workplace environment or attaining popularity within society.

The Nam Man Nok Sariga Bpaak Dee was crated using LP Kee’s secret Khmer formula and contains 1 pair of large and 1 pair of small Sariga Birds carved from wood of the Auspicious Mai Mayom Tree or Star Goose Berry Wood. It also contains a pair of Takrut Sariga Spell Scrolls bound together with authenticity stamp imprints. Lp Kee blessed this oil with several other batches of Talismans on the 9th of October 2015 then sadly passed away the next month on the 23rd of November at the age of 88 having served 66 years in Thai Buddhist monkhood.

This oil belongs to his final batch of talisman releases before passing away and is extremely hard to find. has only managed to obtain a single vial and whilst we are making efforts to find more unused vials it is highly unlikely we will find them. The Nam Man Nok Sariga Bpaak Dee can be used to anoint oneself near the lips of the mouth to invoke Great Charming abilities through Enchanted Speech and also carried in the pocket to areas or situations that require it’s powers. It comes with LP Kee’s original temple stamped card, kata and packaging.