Nam Man Prai 500 Mia Wiyset – Corpse Oil 500 Wives Special Edition


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Nam Man Prai 500 Mia Wiyset – Corpse Oil 500 Wives Special Edition

by Ajarn Noo Gon

Ajarn Noo Gon is credited as the originator of the Wicha 500 Mia Maha Sanaeh Metta or the subject of so much Great Charm and Compassion it could enable a man to have 500 wives!

Ajarn Noo Gon says this oil can be anointed on oneself, others, utensils, appliances or clothes to invoke the highest possible level of great charm towards those you come into contact with and receive compassion & great admiration from others. This oil has no barriers and thus can be use on straight, gay and transgender sexes with no negative effect. It can be used in situations such as public speaking or entertaining an audience whereby attention and admiration is desirable or used in areas of love interest to bedazzle and leave targets infatuated with you.

This special edition has been made with Pong Sanaeh Yaa Faed or Charm Powder of Rare Twin Medicinal plants which loosely translates to rare plants that may bloom a double flower from one pod, grow intertwined or become intertwined with Ivy Gourd plants which binds them as “Twins”.

Ajarn Noo Gon then blended this powerful powder with Corpse Oil made using Ancient Khmer spells over the course of several months until he felt the 5 sensual desires according to Buddhist belief, come alive in the oil.

It is advised that when making offerings to the ghost within the vial that you open the lid and let the aroma of alcohol be consumed by it.