Nam Man Prai Kanchana – Golden Corpse Oil LP Dtui


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Nam Man Prai Kanchana – Golden Corpse Oil

LP Dtui Yorapunyo, Wat Ban Khiat Lueang, Roi Et

This Nam Man Prai Corpse Oil was made using a special formula only know to LP Dtui. The word Kanchana is an ancient term of sanskrit origin meaning Golden. LP Dtui stresses that this Nam Man Prai is of the highest quality and strength with guarenteed results. A mere flick onto a partner will repair a damaged relationship or used on a target of interest will result in that person being infatuated with you. LP Dtui continually casted spells over this formulation until he could hear the laughter and joyous singing of the spirit contained within. He says results will be fast with each use and believes the power of this formula is superior to any other Prai Oils promising the same effect!