Nam Man Prai Mae Look On – Maha Gaad Tai

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Nam Man Prai Mae Look On Corpse Oil of Mother & Child

Ajarn Maha Gaad Tai Keng Tung

This Nam Man Prai Corpse Oil is a very rare formulation containing extract of bone and ashes from a pregnant woman and her child whom died in horrible circumstances. Although from Keng Tung Myannmar, the Wicha used is from Ancient Lanna as in Ancient times Keng Tung was once under Lanna influence during the 13th century then becoming an independent state of Shan, afterwards falling under Thai rule until 1948 before Burma achieved independence and military insurgency seized control and influence.

Created by the 86yr old Tai Tribe Sorcery Ajarn Maha Gaad Tai, it’s purpose is to assist those seeking popularity, charm, seduction and the ability to have good sales talk in business dealings. If used with good and honest intentions the Nam Man Prai Mae Look On will also bestow protection of self and assets. Only 50 vials were created!