Nam Man Suea Saming Prai by Kruba Sri Sujitto

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Nam Man Suea Saming Prai – Oil of the Fearless Tiger Spirit

Kruba Sri Sujitto Wat Baan Pao

This oil was created to give the user great power of authority and suppress misfortune of a mysterious nature (ex. a string of bad luck). Kruba Sri says the Phaya Suea spell he has bestowed on the oil can also assist recovery on those suffering from possession of evil spirits. He also suggests it can be used in business by anointing the shop front and also can be taken if traveling to make business. If your business requires an authoritative approach to success then this oil will assist however if your business requires more charm and sweet talking then it should not be used.

Immersed in the oil is the skin and fur of a Regal Tiger. Although the oil on it’s own is quite powerful it is recommended to chant the provided kata whilst anointing the oil on your forehead or item/shopfront for maximum power.