Nam Man Taep Sarika – Charm Oil of the Sarika Bird Pu Lersi Sing Dam

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Nam Man Taep Sarika – Charm Oil of the Sarika Bird

Pu Lersi Saming Prai Dabot Sing Dam

This enchantment oil formulation contains many powerful herbs and flower extracts and has been empowered with incantations for several months inside Pu Lersi Sing Dam’s cave. This is a limited 1 time release with only 49 bottles made as many of the herbs and flowers used are excessively rare to find. The formulation consists of some powerful ingredients such as:

Wan Khun Paen (Plant of the Charming Sorcerer)


Wan Sao Long (Plant of the  Infatuated Lolita)

Krua Sao Long (Vine of the Infatuated Lolita)

Wan Dok Thong (The Golden Flower Plant)

Wan Taep Ram Luek (Plant of the Recollecting Goddess)

Another powerful plant used that we could not get a picture of is the extremely rare Dok Yoni Sawan (Flower of the Heavenly Vagina). Pu Lersi Sing Dam was given a large amount of See Phueng Metta balm by his teacher Kruba Khampaeng which he has stored in his cave for further empowerment. Some of this balm was also mixed into his Nam Man Thep Sarika formulation to provide great charm combined with great Metta power thus giving it a dual action combination effect. Also placed inside each vial is a pair of Sarika Birds carved from Mayom Star Gooseberry Wood, raw Ruby fragments, a Sarika Charm Spell Takrut scroll and Inn Khu (Loving Couple) Statuette. The bottles were then inscribed with the Yant Na Metta and Yant Na Paetkaap spells to further empower Metta and clear obstacles that may block one’s path to success.

 Pu Lersi Sing Dam says the oil can be used to anoint ourselves to invoke the mentioned powers and can also be used to anoint products of a business and to then envision customers in the mind coming in to purchase these products. The Sariga spell of Great Fascination can be used by all whom use this oil with good intention and will turn the gloomy into happy and black into white.