Nam Man Wan Gai Daeng – Oil of the Red Junglefowl Plant


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Nam Man Wan Gai Daeng – Oil of the Red Junglefowl Plant

by Ajarn Poon

The Phaya Gai Daeng is featured in many tales and artworks of the mythical Himmapan (Himavanta) forest which is recognized in both Hindu and Buddhist texts as a sacred area below the Himalayan mountains where Gods, Spirits and strange hybrid creatures existed. Phaya Gai Daeng is the Thai name for the Red Junglefowl (Gallus Gallus) which is believed by scholars and scientists, to be the progenitor of the domestic chicken and still thrives in the jungles of SE Asia till this day.

It is believed in Northen Thai Folklore that an Arahant who gained some ashes from the cremated body of the Buddha, scattered these ashes off the top of a mountain cliff which bore life to the Wan Gai Daeng plant. This plant has been known for hundreds of years in Thai, Khmer and Burmese plant lore to bring about Great Popularity, Fortune and Charm. It is a large leaf plant of the Gesneriaceae family with red stalks and under leaf that rarely flowers and if it does these flowers are very delicate and aromatic. Domestication of this plant is extremely rare and it is believed that the most pontent types are only to be found in the forest and jungles bordering Thailand and Burma.

In order to harvest this plant and many others the Ajarn must chant sacred katas when entering the domain of the Wan Gai Daeng and also before and after harvest.


Once dried the stalk, leaves and flower are dried then cooked with other auspicious ingredients to produce the Nam Man Gai Daeng which is a potent Charm, Popularity and Luck Oil on it’s own and can also serve as the base of the Nam Man Sarigaa Nang or Charming Oil of the Lady Sariga Bird.

Ajarn Poon has created this batch of Nam Man Gai Daeng using Wan Gai Daeng he sourced himself whilst searching through the dense jungle river banks that border Thailand and Burma. He says it is a pure formulation with no dilution or additives and since it is harvested from the wild will have a potent effect.

Ajarn Poon also shared a story of testing this batch by anointing a drop onto the head of a chicken at his house. He says when the chicken returned to it’s coup the other chickens would gather around it and not leave it’s side.

It can be used to anoint ones self and will invoke immense Charm and Great Popularity whilst receiving Admiration and Compassion from others. Ajarn Poon also caste a spell of Buddhas Grace to provide protection from harm when it is carried in the pocket.

Simply anoint the oil on your forehead and chant the Kata and you will see it’s power come to fruition. If you are in the business of sales you can also anoint products, the shopfront and entry area which will lead clients to favor your speech, persona and product thus resulting in good sales and reputation.