Noo Tok Tang Khao Saan by LP Leng Suttiyanoh


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Noo Tok Tang Khao Saan Maha Pohkasaap

“Mouse Falls into the Rice Bucket with Great Luck & Fortune”

by LP Leng Suttiyanoh, Wat Nong Gae, Sakaew

In Thailand the cheeky phrase Noo Tok Tang Khao Saan or “Mouse Falls into the Rice Bucket” is used to describe a poor man who has found a rich and wealthy woman to marry. The phrase refers to Great Luck and Fortune a mouse would have should it be able to find itself inside a bucket or bag of rice since as a natural scavenger it would no longer have to search for food or go in hunger as it would literally be well fed for a very long time.

The Wicha of Noo Tok Tang Khao Saan is quite ancient and also rare however it’s power does not directly help poor men to find rich wives but to assist those in poor and impoverished circumstances to attain an abundance of Great Luck and Fortune.

LP Leng is one of the rare few who has mastered the Wicha of Noo Tok Tang Khao Saan and says this amulet will provide a steady flow of Luck and Fortune so long as the owner conducts their lives respective of Buddhist principles and does not abuse the Great Luck and Fortune attained. One who has risen from poor circumstances should always be mindful of their past and use newly attained wealth and luck through meritorious actions and deeds.

This latest version of LP Leng’s Noo Tok Tang Khao Saan amulet is made from a large mass of Auspiciously Lucky Herbal powders and Gold Dust with the front caste image of 2 mice sharing rice grains together on top of a rice bucket. Sacred Akhara Khom spells and Yant Na symbols are embossed to remove obstacles and weave success into the owners life whilst the rear caste features a well dressed mouse on top of a large Gold Ingot with a small Gold Ingot in it’s hands. An additional Sacred Akhara Heart spell is embossed in each corner with 2 Takrut spell scrolls pushed into the bottom.