Paa Hor Sop Prai – Ajarn Noo Gon


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Paa Hor Sop Prai – Ghost of the Corpse Wrapped in Cloth

by Ajarn Noo Gon

Ajarn Noo Gon created this item using an array of auspicious powdered ingredients such as the wood of a tree split in half by lightening, wood of the Areca Palm and Areca nut, Corpse of a person who hung themselves, Wan Dok Tong (The Charm Flower Plant), Sanaeh Ya Faed (powdered concoction of various charm plants intertwined) and Pong Guman (Powdered Stillborn).


Once these ingredients were molded into the figure of a corpse Ajarn Noo Gon then wrapped the effigy using corpse cloth and proceeded to chant incantations as he inscribed the cloth with sacred spells.

Ajarn Noo Gon says the Paa Hor Sop Prai can be kept in places such as the vehicle to provide protection from accidents, the workplace to assist with sales and protection of assets, the farm or fields to ward off thieves and provide a bountiful crop or at home where it will assist in protection of home contents and it’s owner.

Apart from protection, when kept in businesses or in the home the Paa Hor Sop Prai will also produce a charming effect on those who enter your premises and help induce good luck to you, great admiration and compassion from others. If you are experiencing problems in life eg. love woes, debt crisis etc you can also ask it to help you resolve these matters so long as you keep such desires in your mind as you make regular offerings. Ajarn Noo Gon says offerings to the ghost itself are not necessary if you commit meritorious deeds and make offerings to temples and those in need however you can also alternatively offer fruit and water to it should you not have the time or ability to visit temples. A Prai Grassip Whispering Ghost function is also built into the Paa Hor Sop Prai and whilst holding it in you hands, will murmur warnings of impending danger to help you avert them and also forewarn of lucky windfalls to come.