Pee Dtai Tang Glom Liam See Phueng Prai 59 Ton


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Pee Dtai Tang Glom Liam See Phueng Prai 59 Ton

by Ajarn Phu Ee

The name of this piece translates to “The Ghost that died a violent or natural death inlaid in the Balm of 59 spirits”. Ajarn Phu Ee has sourced prime materials to create this small but powerful amulet which includes earth from 7 cemetery’s, powdered Wan Dok Tong (Golden Flower Plant), wood from a tree that 3 people have hung themselves on, ashes from 3 women who died together, ashes from a corpse that died on a Tuesday and was Cremated on a Saturday and of course his famous Corpse Balm made with 59 different spirits.

After combining this powerfully charged mixture Ajarn Phu Ee then recited incantations over the course of a year whilst also giving it offerings on auspicious days according to the Thai Astrological and Buddhist calendar.  Once the effigies within the amulets came to life Ajarn Phu Ee instructed the spirits within to be kind hearted and merciful by assisting owners with meritorious deeds and to work together in the pursuit of success in positive desires.

Ajarn Phu Ee says this piece when taken home should be provided an offering feast and to always have water for it at your home or business alter. It can be left at home to Bucha or you can place it in your pocket/wear it on your neck when traveling. Once you bind with the spirit within it will assist you in business affairs, gambling, negotiation in sales and purchase, protection by way of averting dangerous situations and harm enemies that have malicious intent towards you. Those who may attempt to curse you will also find their spells and malicious intent backfire onto them. Ajarn Phu also forewarns to not ask the amulet to grant sinful wishes or desires as this will only result in a stern objection from the spirit.