Phaya Lin Kam – Lord of the Golden Tongue


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Phaya Lin Kam – Lord of the Golden Tongue

LP Dtui Yorrapunyo, Wat Ban Khiat Leuang, Roi Et

The Phaya Lin Kam is a legendary figure of the Lanna Northern Thai region. In modern times the phrase Lin Tong or Lin Tongkam means “Golden Tongue” however in ancient times Lin Kam was used as the Thai language was more Archaic. This mould was created by LP Dtui using spells from the ancient texts of Lanna Sorcery for the purpose of Great Charm and Bedazzlement of others, Lucky Fortune, Metta and curiosity by those you encounter. It can also assist those seeking love and/or sexual attainment from those who would find one otherwise unattractive.

LP Dtui says these traits combined will aid in success for those in sales, seeking love or popularity and give great happiness to the owner through seeing their desires fulfilled. The creation of this amulet strictly adheres to authentic Lanna Sorcery and it’s charm powers are akin to thousands of Khun Paen Charm amulets combined. The Golden Tongue will be bestowed on the owner whereby simply talking will result in charming speech that will attract fortune and attraction from others including great prefrence from Deva spirits. LP Dtui suggests specifically to use such power in the fields of negotiation and sales for business and flirting when courting someone of interest. It can also be used on Gay and Lesbian targets!

The back of the Phaya Lin Kam is powered with raw gemstones from the mountains of Roi Et, a takrut scroll containing LP Dtui’s sacred spell and a figure of Thao Wessuwan, one of the 4 heavenly kings of the Buddhist cosmology who rules the Northern Quarters of the Desire realm.

This piece does not come cased, if you would like it cased please send a message and we can organize a quote depending on the materials used (Acrylic, Micron, Silver, Gold)