Phra Put Chinaraat by LP Naen Gaew Kampiro


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Phra Put Chinaraat by LP Naen Gaew Kampiro

Wat Udom Prai Son, Roi Et

This superbly well crafted amulet series was created by LP Naen in order to raise funds for building Kuti meditation huts for Wat Udom Prai Son located in the forests of Roi Et province which borders Cambodia and Laos, North Eastern Thailand.

The front image is called Phra Put Chinaraat or the Victorious Buddha which depicts the Buddha touching the ground with his right hand to call the Mother Earth to bare witness of his defiance of the Demon Mara and his army thus achieving enlightenment.


On the rear is yet another stunningly caste image of 3 Lotus buds with 3 Ploi Daeng Red Gemstones to represent the 3 gems of Buddhism with a microscopic authenticity stamp impressed on the left side. A Takrut Spell scroll has also been impressed under the image to further empower the amulet with¬† reverence of the Buddha’s virtues.

This Pra Put Chinaraat amulet was caste with Pong Puttakhun or Auspicious Holy powder mass whilst the image of the Buddha has been carefully coated with 23K Gold Leaf.

This is an immaculate piece for the devoted Buddhist and/or collector of finely crafted Buddhist amulets. Whilst we at prefer the traditional Gold on White version several colour variations were made to suit the tastes of all.

This amulet will provide it’s owner with Protection, Metta and Great Luck of the purest kind especially for those that adhere to Buddhist Principals. If you would like to order this please specify the colour of your choice otherwise the original Gold on White will be sent.