Pra Pidtaa Met Gradum Box Set – Phor Tan Kloi


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Pra Pidtaa Met Gradum Box Set – Phor Tan Kloi Anohmoh

Wat Pu Khao Tong, Patthalung

Phor Tan Kloi Anomoh (currently 88 years old) is a highly respected and well known senior monk in Thailand and is considered a senior Guru Master of Southern Thailand’s Khao Or Occult lineage. His Wicha Occult knowledge is deep and spans across many subjects however one of his most highly reputed creations are his Pra Pidtaa amulets.

A great misconception and translation of Pra Pidtaa is to label it a “Closed or Covered Eyes Buddha” which is only half true. Whilst the image usually depicts the covering of Eyes or the entire face the figure depicted is not actually the Buddha himself but an Arahant. The Wicha of Pra Pidtaa generally depicts a figure covering the face which represents the blocking of passages that lead to aural sensations such as the eyes, mouth and nasal. Some variations can also contain depictions of covering the ears, sexual reproductive organs and the anus. The basic concept of this depiction is to allude that one is oblivious to and protected from impending danger if one cannot sense it through physical channels which can cause aural sensations of suffering such as fear or anger. Thus the Wicha of Pra Pidtaa creates an endowment of Protection from Harm and Aversion of Calamity.

In order to provide an additional benefit of Luck and Fortune, many Ancient Masters incorporated the image of Phra Sangkachai (an Ancient Ascetic Arahant known for Lucky Wealth) depicting the action of Pidtaa to satisfy 2 of the most demanded boons of the General Public: Protection & Financial Luck.

The story of Maha Katyayana or Phra Sangkachai as he is known in Thailand is that he was born into a wealthy Brahmin family and became a ascetic practitioner, teacher and philosopher of the Hindu Vedas. He was well known for his charitable causes such as taking care of orphaned children and had many followers who sought wealth. One day he challenged the Buddha to a discussion and debate over whose philosophies were the best. When the debate was over he bowed down to the Buddha and soon ordained as a monk eventually becoming of the 10 principle disciples of the Buddha. According to many ancient texts the Buddha praised Phra Sangkachai for his great ability teach the sophisticated aspects of the Dhamma in an easily understood and correct manner.

The full title of this stunning release is Pra Pidtaa Met Gradum (Dtok Koht Haa Ong) Neua Pong Puttakhun Haa See Run Sang Hor Chun which means Button Sized Pra Pidtaa (Box sex of 5 Pieces) made with Puttakhun Powder of 5 Colours, released for raising funds to build a Monastic Dining Area for the Monks of Wat Pu Khao Tong.

Pong Puttakhun is a powdered formula of many Auspicious ingredients that has be consecrated with sacred Buddhists chants over a long period of time whilst being kept in an auspicious part of a temple. The actual ingredient list varies between temples however they generally contain ancient batches from previous master Guru Monks and use sources of meritorious areas such as incense ashes from large praying alters where devotees have come to pray and donate. Other ingredients can also include auspicious flowers and herbs. Pong Puttakhun is reputed protective powers from dangers and that of dark magic.

Whilst the front of each amulet has a well caste image of Phra Sangkajai covering his face to envoke Lucky Wealth and Protection the back of each Pra Pidtaa contains the Yant Na Na Ut symbol. This image is of the Khom character “Na” and encircle around the character to form a protective barrier. Inside the character a microscopic authenticity stamp is imprinted to ward off imitation copies. It should also be noted that some scrupulous people have tried to sell these as individual amulets when in fact they have never been and never will be released as separate entities. All 5 must be present in the original boxset to validate it as an authentic purchase.

Each piece although in 5 different colours are considered to contain the exact same benefits whether kept together in the box or carried separately. They can be given out to friends and family or used to keep in various fields where Protection and Lucky Wealth is sought such as the Home, Office or Car. No Kata is needed as the ingredients and blessing ceremony of the boxsets have been empowered profusely by Phor Tan Kloi and fellow monks at Wat Pu Khao Tong.

1,199 boxes were released. This is a classic and affordable boxset from one of Thailand’s greatest and respected senior monks which should be a part of every amulet lovers collection.