Prai Grassip Tong – The Golden Whispering Ghost


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Prai Grassip Tong – The Golden Whispering Ghost

by Ajarn Poon

Ajarn Poon created this whispering ghost for the purpose of Great Charm and Metta. He says one can hold it in their hand and ask for assistance in matters of Love or with desires to be popular with others and it can be also be used for those in business that require charm and popularity in order to be successful in sales and create harmony with company staff. Great Luck will come to the owner so long as they are meritorious and conduct their lives with positive moral.

Ajarn Poon caste this piece using cemetery soil and the nail from the lid of a haunted coffin. Once molded together he then inscribed and invoked the Heart of the Sangkaya spell to awaken the spirit within and commanded it to assist those in need of Great Charm and Metta. Once the spirit came alive and conformed to this order he then placed gemstones in the teeth and eye regions to give the Prai Grassip Tong the ability to help with charming speech and transform the owners appearance to be that of a charming though the eyes of others. A gem stone was also placed on the forehead to give it the ability to communicate through intuition with it’s owner. Once ready for release he encased the Prai Grassip Tong in his Charm Oil formula with 24K gold leaf and gave and invoked a final spell charm.