Prai Grassip Yip Chokh – Whispering Ghost of Lifting Fortune


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Prai Grassip Yip Chokh Whispering Ghost of Lifting Fortune

by Ajarn Poon

This is Ajarn Poons flagship model of whispering ghost for those who take risks in life and game gamblers. It will forewarn of lucky windfalls and impending dangers through intuition of the heart & mind and should be listened to when taking risks. The face of the Prai Grassip Yip Chohk features a Golden Skull with Dice in it’s mouth and bulging bloodshot eyes that symbolize the look of a gambler who has been playing for hours and has just won big.

Once Ajarn Poon molded the Prai Gassip from the earth of 7 cemetery’s and bone powder he then embedded a vial of sacred spell scrolls immersed in corpse oil and inscribed the Heart of the Sangkaya spell to awaken the ghost within and finished the spell with 2 Yant Na Toh symbols for success before encasing it in his Wan Gai Daeng Charm Oil.

When gambling with others such as at card tables or at Dice games the Charm of the Prai Grassip Yip Chokh will bedazzle your competitors thus giving you a higher chance at winning however you must listen to your heart and mind for intuitions of making certain moves in order to achieve success or leave if it does not sense any lucky windfall to come. When taking chance or risks outside of money games you must also listen in the same fashion to be assured you are making the right decisions.