Pu Lersi Sitti Kodom Nak Sit by LP Boonmee


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Pu Lersi Sitti Kodom Nak Sit “Lersi Kodom on Naga Serpent”

by LP Boonmee Attithamo, Wat Gloom Baanyasoh, Chanthaburi

LP Boonmee is well known in Thailand and abroad for his Talismans crafted to hone reverence towards the Lersi Ascetic Sages and endowment of the beneficial attributes they provide. Generally he likes to pair a specific Lersi with a Naga Serpent acting as a form of protection and this time he has paired Pu Lersi Kodom with a 3 headed Naga Guardian.

This amulet was caste using a mass of Auspicious Black Herbal Formula and Gold Dust which features Lersi Kodom riding on a 3 headed Naga Serpent as he blows prestigious spells of Flowing Luck and Wealth as well as reversing bad luck and improving fate through Protection of the Phaya Nak Naga Serpent Spirits. The rear of the amulet contains embossed Sacred Akhara Spells calling for Wealth and Luck with 3 Takrut Spell Scrolls embedded to give great charge of power to this stunning piece. On the side of the amulet is a microscopic authenticity stamp.