Sian Pu Jao Saming Prai Master Edition– Phra Ajarn Kong Rit

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Sian Pu Jao Saming Prai Ong Kru – Head of the Tiger Face Lersi

Phra Ajarn Kong Rit, Tam Phra Phu Meng, Manchakhiri Dist, Khon Kaen

Phra Ajarn Kong Rit was born in the Manchakhiri district of Khon Kaen, North East Thailand and has been a monk since 15 years of age. He resides in the Tam Phra Buddhist Cave of Phu Meng Mountain however regularly makes trips to various temples of Manchakhiri district and Surin to assist in building educational facilities for children and helping those in need through his meritorious and charitable actions.

Phra Ajarn Kong Rit developed an interest in Thai Sorcery from a young age and so his Grandfather who was knowledgeable in the arts, taught him incantations and numerology magic. Since his entry into the monkhood at an early age, he has been active in Tudong (Spiritual Ascetic Retreat) where he studied Khmer Wicha under Cambodian Sorcerer Ajarn Mian Karawaat of the Surin province for many years.

Phra Ajarn Kong Rit is well known for his ability to harness the powers of Pu Jao Saming Prai and is an expert in many magical fields such as Ghost Powders, Auspicious Herbal Lore and Spells of Great Charm, Invulnerability, Aversion of Danger and Fortunate Luck.

Phra Ajarn Kong Rit will only make and release talismans when raising funds for charitable projects and so to own a creation from him is quite a blessing in itself as the testimonials of those that own his items praise the successful results bestowed.

Two versions were made of this Sian Pu Jai Saming Prai which are the Ong Kru Master Edition and the Ong Tamadaa Standard Edition. Both editions been made from some very powerful base ingredients obtained solely by Phra Ajarn Kong Rit which include the powders of Prai Kuman Faed (Twin Stillborns), Poodti Prai (Properity Ghost) and Phi Pasom Khlong (Ghost of the Pasom Khlong Orchid). Once these powders were combined through sacred Khmer Charm spells Phra Ajarn Kong Rit formed the shape through a hand made mold then set aside the pieces to be made into the Master Edition. At this stage the Standard Editions were left to dry whilst the Master Editions were embedded with a Takrut Maha Laap (Scroll Spell of Great Fortune), a piece of Prai Mai Takian Wood, Prai Mai Dtanee Wood and a bone chip. When both editions were dried they were then soaked in Prai Dtanee Corpse Oil whilst more incantations were made before being allowed to dry again. Once they had dried again he then inscribed his Hua Jai Kru Sanaeh spell on the back of each piece and caste a final spell of protection for the Master Editions.

 Phra Ajarn Kong Rit says the Master Edition will bestow powers of Great Charm, Wisdom, Good Fortune and Protection whilst the owner will also receive Great Popularity and Admiration from others.

The Picture above denotes one Standard Edition in the top left corner whilst the other three are Master Editions.