Sunakh Phayon Riak Saap Riak Laap- The Magical Dog of Wealth & Fortune


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Sunakh Phayon Riak Saap – The Magical Dog of Wealth & Fortune

by Ajarn Noo Gon

Although small this amulet was produced with immensely strong ingredients and black spells to create a magically empowered dog effigy to assist it in attaining good fortune, an ability to maintain a good living standard and protect the property and assets of it’s owner. Ajarn Noo Gon also mentions it will protect the home from lightening, fire and storms and guard your home when you are absent just like a real dog. You can even carry it in your pocket during travel to let it protect you from calamity.

The materials used to create the Sunakh Phayon include a large mass of powdered auspicious woods, herbs and flowers such as Wan Naang Gawak (Redbird Cactus) and Wan Tong (the Gold Plant) to help invoke the powers of Luck, Charm and Money whilst Star Gooseberry wood was added to invoke Popularity and Admiration. In addition to these auspicious ingredients Ajarn Noo Gon also added bone and fang fragments of an ancient Dhole donated by Luang Phor Dam to assist with aggressively protective powers. The Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog) is a wild canid that is known top pack hunt and attack creatures such as Tigers, Leopards and Asiatic Bears in the Forest & Jungle regions of Northern Thailand and it’s neighbors.








Ajarn Noo Gon completed this piece by creating a dark spell for great luck and fortune on a takrut scroll the embed it into the base of each Sunakh Payon piece before applying a written spell on the body. He says there is no need for fancy offerings, as only a glass of water should be offered before chanting it’s kata and nothing more.